Best international school in Bangkok

If you want the best international school in Bangkok for your child, what you get with the American School of Bangkok is two very modern campuses. These have been built for students with optimal learning in mind. The first campus, situated in Sukhumvit Road was opened in 1983 and accommodates students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. The school aims at providing students with many facilities and the best in education so that they grow independently and happy in their environment. Look at these facilities at Sukhumvit campus:
• Director’s office
• Principal and counsellor office
• Business offices
• Conference rooms
• Faculty room
• Pre-kindergarten to kindergarten area with building for 10 classrooms with swimming pool and playground
• Building for 25 classrooms
• 3-storey building for 22 classrooms for the middle and high school students
• Multi-purpose hall
• Computer labs
• Music, drama and theatre studios
• Art studio
• Playgrounds
• Basketball court
• Cafeteria
• Half-sized soccer field
• Library kitted out with computers with the internet
• Science lab
• Nurse clinic
• Swimming pools, squash, badminton, tennis, racquet courts

With over 30 years offering such facilities, a question might be, “why not ASB?” Learning comes from certified faculty teachers from America, Canada and the UK, with the aim of bringing out the absolute best in your child. At ASB, children interact with students from over 40 nationalities in small classes where each student is of utmost importance.

Students can do research at the research and self-learning centres where they are able to find all the resources, learning methods, tools and support. There is an intense academic program for students in areas of important matters such as the sciences, languages, arts, math, social studies and much more. On their journey through the years with ASB, a child grows and develops under the watchful and careful eye of its devoted and committed teachers. Students leave the school having gained experience to be great thinkers, learners, and communicators. With the Advanced Placement courses provided for students, students receive university credits for placement in prestigious universities across the world. For even better placement at choice universities, ASB hosts international university/college fairs each year, hosting university representatives during the year. These provide students in high school with the best choices towards their tertiary education.

The American School of Bangkok, you could say, sets your child on the road to success both academically and personally.

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