Why Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the practice, and awakening of all your senses, to focus intensely on what you are feeling, in that particular moment, without trying to understand or judge the situation.

It allows the mind to explore without a particular destination, hence, not having a blank memory and feeling all your emotions.

Meditation involves deep breathing to attain calmness and having guided imagery. 

Examples of mindfulness exercises include;

  • Enjoying life pleasures; find joy in the little things that make you happy. This could be a simple thing as walking in the park.
  • Be good to yourself, appreciate, and love the person you are.
  • Paying attention, relaxing, having an interest, and noticing your surroundings; for example, while having a glass of wine, take time to notice its color, smell it, and take a sip, feeling what it tastes like.
  • Breath; when anxious or worried and thoughts are running all over your mind, sit down and take a deep breath. It will definitely calm you down.

Positive impacts of mindfulness meditation

Improves physical health– meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce chronic pain through yoga practice. It also reduces stress by calming the mind from daily worries, lowers blood pressure, and promotes good sleep.

Improves a person’s well-being– it enables one to deal with daily life occurrences with a sober mind, whether positive or adverse events making it easier to handle life’s challenges calmly.

Improves mental health- meditation helps to solve health problems such as depression and anxiety. Through mindfulness meditation, one responds to stress with an awareness of what is happening at the moment, making it easy for one to make a non-regrettable decision.

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Conclusion With all the above benefits in mind, it is essential to practice mindful meditation often. When you regularly practice mindfulness, you are able to enjoy every little thing life has to offer. It makes you feel more patient and kind, and you can extend the same feelings to the people around you.

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