Understanding Mindfulness: Benefits, Techniques, and Advantages

Mindfulness is the state of paying attention to something which is ongoing. It’s a useful life skill that helps us to cope with issues of everyday life. Mindfulness training also helps the mind to relax, concentrate and be more productive.
If you are willing to practice mindfulness, you must make the following adjustments to your life.

  • Focus on what is happening at the moment
  • Concentrate on whatever is going on around you
  • Don’t be quick to judge anything you notice

How to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness training can be easily achieved by observing and practising the following on a regular basis.

  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Take note of your body movements
  • Maintain a straight posture
  • Have a steady but soft gaze
  • Control your breathing
  • Don’t be upset if your mind goes wandering
  • Ensure that you are looking upwards

The Benefits of Mindfulness
Several studies have proved that mindfulness brings improvement to both physical and mental well-being. Also it

  • Improves well-being – Through being focused, those who practice mindfulness are less likely to be filled with regret of past events and also not likely to get caught up with what’s facing them.
  • Physical health is improved – It helps relieve stress, reduce chances of getting heart complication, blood pressure is lowered and also sleep is greatly improved.
  • Mindfulness is known to help a number of disorders such as abuse of substances, conflicts in marriages, anxiety, obsessive and compulsive disorder and depression.
  • It brings about innovation – As it helps solve issues in our daily lives, it may also stimulate the creation of new ideas that may lead to a better life
  • Helps us accept who we are -Some people often reject who they are because of a certain problem they may have or even their background. Being mindful may help such people accept those issues and learn how to overcome them

Mindfulness training is like dosage. This is because the more frequently you do it, the more it will be effective. The exercise stated above should be carried out for 40-45 min a day and it should be a minimum of six days a week for one to enjoy maximum benefits. It should be a way of life as anyone can do it.
If you are looking for mindfulness training for kids please visit The Mindfulness Academy of Asia (MAA) is a new subsidiary school of The American School of Bangkok, specializing in the teaching and learning of mindfulness in education.

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